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It is situated at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah riverswhere the U.

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It is the easternmost town in West Virginia my waifs mom com during the Civil War the northernmost point of Confederate-controlled territory.

The northernmost Virginia city find Harpers ferry Wheeling was strongly anti-slavery, and was the first capital of the breakaway region that became West Virginia. The town's original, lower section is on a gind plain created by the two rivers and surrounded by higher ground. Most of the remainder, fjnd includes the more find Harpers ferry populated area, is included in the separate Harpers Ferry Historic District. Two other National Register of Historic Places properties adjoin the town: Peter's Roman Catholic Church.

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The town was formerly Harperrs Harper's Ferry with an apostrophe—in find Harpers ferry 18th century, it was the ferry owned and operated by Robert Harper—and that form continues to appear in some references. Because of its geography, Harpers Ferry was a vitally important junction point. In colonial times and through the early U.

Harpers Ferry find Harpers ferry a commanding central location on the Chesapeake and Ohio Canalrunning alongside the Potomac and avoiding its rapids, linking Washington with points west. It thus was, at the time the Civil War began, the only railroad link between the Northern and Southern states.

Harpers Ferry, WV - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia Map & Directions - MapQuest

It was a natural conduit for Union incursions into the Find Harpers ferry one of Stonewall Jackson 's first actions was the Great Train Raid ofin which he disabled the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for almost a year by destroying infrastructure and stealing rolling stock.

At the mouth of the Shenandoah Valleyimportant Civil Find Harpers ferry battles took mature moms Marmaduke nearby.

Not only was Find Harpers ferry Ferry a vital north-south route, it also commanded the routes — the railroad and the canal — connecting Washington with points west and the Ohio Valley. Vital telegraph lines connecting Washington with points west also went through Harpers Ferry.

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Historically, Harpers Ferry is find Harpers ferry known for John Brown 's raid inin which he attempted to use the town and the weapons in its Federal Armory munitions plant as the base for a slave revolt, planned to expand south into Virginia.

The Appalachian Trail passes directly through town, which some consider searching men psychological midpoint of the trail, [8] [9] although the exact physical midpoint is farther north, in Pennsylvania. InPeter Stephens, a squatter, had settled on land near find Harpers ferry Point" the area where the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet Harpefs, and established a ferry from Virginia now West Virginia women looking casual sex Canton Michigan Maryland, across the Potomac.

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Fourteen years laterwhile traveling from Hrpers to Virginia, Robert Harper passed through the area which was named "The Hole" the gap in the mountains along the Potomac River.

Harper recognized the potential for industry, given the power the two rivers could generate, and the find Harpers ferry he find Harpers ferry ferry across the Potomac River.

Harper paid Stephens 30 British guinea for what was essentially Stephens' squatting rights, since the land actually belonged to Lord Fairfax. Harppers

In AprilHarper purchased acres of land from Lord Fairfax. King sherman massage hamiltonthe Virginia General Find Harpers ferry granted Harper the right to establish and maintain a ferry across the Potomac Harper even though a ferry had been functioning successfully in the area before and after Harper first settled.

Harpers Ferry. He viewed "the passage of the Potomac through the Blue Ridge " from a rock that is now named for. This stop took place as Jefferson was traveling to Philadelphia and passed through Harpers Ferry with his daughter Find Harpers ferry.

Find Harpers ferry

Jefferson find Harpers ferry the site "perhaps one of the most stupendous scenes in nature. George Washington fetry, as find Harpers ferry of the Patowmack Company which was formed to complete river improvements on the Potomac and its tributariestraveled to Harpers Ferry during the summer of to determine the need for bypass housewife sex film.

InWashington's familiarity with the area led him to propose the site for a new United States armory and arsenal. Some of Washington's family moved to the area; his great-great-nephew, Colonel Find Harpers ferry Washington, was held hostage during John Brown 's raid inand George's brother Charles Washington founded the nearby Jefferson County town of Charles Town.

fins Inthe federal government purchased a acre 0. Together they produced most of the small arms for the U. Inventor Captain John H. Hall find Harpers ferry the use of interchangeable parts in firearms manufactured at his rifle works at the armory between and ; his M Hall rifle was the first breech-loading weapon adopted by the U.

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On October find Harpers ferry,the abolitionist John Brown led a group of 21 men in a raid on the arsenal. Five of the men were black: During this time looking for a honest man fugitive slaves was illegal under the Fugitive Slave Act. Brown attacked and captured several buildings; hoping to secure the weapons depot and arm the slaves, starting a revolt across the south.

Brown also brought 1, steel pikes, which were forged in Connecticut by a blacksmith and abolitionists sympathizer, Charles Blair; however, the pikes would gind no action find Harpers ferry Brown failed to fergy the slaves to revolt. The noise from that shot alerted Dr.

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John Starry shortly after 1: He walked from his find Harpers ferry home to investigate the shooting and was confronted by Brown's men. Starry stated that he was a doctor but could do nothing more for Shepherd, and Brown's men allowed him to leave. Instead of going home, Starry went to the livery and rode find Harpers ferry neighboring towns and villages, alerting residents to the raid. Adult seeking sex Wakenda Starry reached nearby Charles Townthe church bells were rung to arouse the citizens from their sleep.

John Brown's men were quickly pinned down by local citizens and militia, and forced to take refuge in the engine house adjacent to the armory. The secretary of war asked for the assistance of the Navy Department for a unit of United States Marinesthe nearest troops.

In need of an officer to lead the expedition, U. Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert E.

Lee was found on leave nearby and was assigned as commander along with Lt. Stuart as his aide-de-camp.

Lee find Harpers ferry the unit in find Harpers ferry regular civilian clothes, as none of his uniforms were available when he accepted the command. The whole contingent arrived by train on October 18, and Harpesr negotiation failed they stormed the fire house and captured most of the raiders, killing sex couple asian few and suffering a single casualty themselves.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - Wikipedia

Brown was tried for treason fjnd the Commonwealth of Virginia, convicted and hanged in nearby Charles Town. Starry's testimony was integral to his conviction.

Following the prosecution by Ferdy Hunter"John Brown captured the attention of the nation like no other abolitionist or slave owner frrry or. Lee returned to finish find Harpers ferry leave. The Civil War was disastrous for Harpers Ferry, which changed hands eight times between and The town's garrison of find Harpers ferry, Federal troops played a key role in the Confederate invasion of Maryland in September Robert E. Lee did not want to continue on to Maryland without capturing the town.

It was on his supply line and could control one of his possible routes of retreat if the invasion did not go. Dividing his army find Harpers ferry approximately 40, into four sections, Lee used the cover of the mountains to send three columns under Stonewall Fsrry find Harpers ferry surround and capture the town. After a Confederate artillery bombardment on September 14 and 15, the Federal garrison surrendered.

With 12, Federal troops captured by Jackson, the surrender find Harpers ferry Harpers Ferry was the largest surrender of U. Because of the delay in capturing Harpers Ferry and the movement of Federal forces to the west, Lee was forced to Hapers at the town of Sharpsburg.

Harpers Ferry | Fallout Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Two find Harpers ferry later he commanded troops in the Battle of Antietamwhich had the highest number of deaths among troops of any single Harpsrs in United States military history. By Julythe Union again had control of Harpers Ferry. On 4 Julythe Union commanding Gen. Franz Sigel withdrew Haepers troops to Maryland Heights. From there he resisted Jubal Anderson Early 's attempt to enter the town find Harpers ferry drive the Federal garrison from Maryland Heights.

On August 15,author and scholar W. Du Bois led the first meeting on American soil of the newly founded Niagara Movement. The conference was held at the campus of Storer Collegea escorts in corpus christi texas black college that operated until The three-day gathering, which was held to work for civil rights for African Americanswas later described by DuBois as "one of the greatest meetings that American Negroes ever held.

It was the site of the historic fort and armory where John Find Harpers ferry 's quest to free four million enslaved African Americans reached its climax.

Population of the small town declined in the 20th century. The find Harpers ferry of the existing homes in Harpers Ferry including Charmadoah are historic. Some are registered in the National Register of Historic Places. In Harpers Ferry had a population of On July 23,a fire gerry out in downtown Harpers Ferry, destroying eight or nine businesses and two apartments in two historic buildings. The buildings are being rebuilt. The only Harpdrs highway providing access to Harpers Ferry is U.

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Route Although signed north-south, the road runs generally eastward from Harpers Ferry across the northern tip local slutty girls Loudoun CountyVirginia after crossing the Shenandoah Riverthen quickly crosses the Potomac River into Marylandeventually reaching its terminus at Frederick.

To the west, U. Route passes through Charles Town before turning southwest and traversing the eastern edge of Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Harpers Ferry and neighboring Bolivar host an unsigned alternate route of U. Tantra massage colorado provides service to Harpers Ferry two times a day once in each direction on the Capitol Limited.

The city's passenger rail station is find Harpers ferry the West Virginia end of the historic railroad bridge across the Potomac River. According to the United States Fid Bureauferty town has a total area of 0. From navy online chat of Harpers Ferry, a fading advertisement for Mennen's Borated Talcum Toilet Powder painted on the cliff face of Maryland Heights decades ago find Harpers ferry still visible.

The climate find Harpers ferry this area is characterized by hot, humid summers and generally mild find Harpers ferry cool winters, with yearly snowfall averaging As of the census [2] ofthere were people, households, and 78 families residing in the town.

The population density was There were housing units at an average density of The average household size was 2. The median age in the town was 52 years.