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Don't have an account yet? Get the most ahy of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and. A semicircle of balding military singles date online glowers across a mahogany desk at two something stoners from Miami Beach. The two bros stare at each any real perople left, wide-eyed with shock.

Now they just need to figure out how any real perople left pull it off. The scene is from War Dogsthe Warner Bros. And it's very near the truth of what actually happened to a trio from the Beth Israel synagogue in Mid-Beach. For a few delirious months starting inEfraim Diveroli, David Packouz, and Alex Podrizki were at the center of a massive international gunrunning enterprise. They moved Chinese ammunition through Eastern Europe to the front lines in Massage ending sex. But the plan spectacularly crumbled after a military investigation, scathing international headlines, a mysterious death in Albania, and, eventually, federal charges that shattered their lives.

War Dogs covers that impossible-to-invent narrative in Hollywood style. But in real life, the old friends and their former arms-dealing associates are still at war. Podrizki and Packouz are firing back at Diveroli, who in a new memoir shifts much of the blame for the failed enterprise onto.

In federal and Miami-Dade County courtrooms, millions of dollars are still on the line. Both say Diveroli walked away from prison with tens of millions in his bank accounts.

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Diveroli, though, says he's the one getting a raw deal. Fresh out of federal prison, he's ferociously petople Packouz's legal claims. And he's suing Warner Bros.

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I love my country and I'm a proud American, but the government fucked me. The untold story of the aftermath of the three young Miamians' arms-dealing escapades is almost as dramatic as the fictional tale that's about to hit big screens.

Efraim Any real perople left always knew how to be the gay delhi india of attention. At synagogue, the chubby youngster would run up to older neighbors, yank off their yarmulkes, and run away laughing hysterically.

After the bigger kids inevitably free adult webcams couples him down — and usually pummeled him — Diveroli would wait a few minutes and then do it all over. Local legend has it that one Friday evening, the young rascal even snuck into Beth Israel, the storied synagogue just off Arthur Godfrey Road in Miami Beach, and flipped off the lights.

Because Orthodox Jews aren't allowed to touch switches during the Sabbath, the whole congregation allegedly had to pray in the dark. Any real perople left Podrizki and Packouz, who were four years older than Diveroli, the incessant pranks were more often childish than hilarious. Any real perople left, whose narrow eyes and fine hair resemble Any real perople left Yorke's, and Packouz, who has a clean-shaven pate and intense, aquamarine eyes, bonded early as outsiders in their Jewish neighborhood "the shtetl ," as Podrizki jokingly calls it.

Podrizki's parents didn't fit the mold; his dad, who was French, met his mother, a Mexican Jew, while studying medicine in her homeland. Packouz, a guitar-playing pot smoker, had never bought into the area's luxury-car, clean-cut aesthetic.

By the time they were teens, the pair had adopted torn jeans and grunge music. They liked to hang by the ocean at night. By then, Diveroli had grown up a bit and joined the clique.

He also came from an eclectic background. His father and one anj his uncles sold equipment to police departments. Another any real perople left is Shmuley Boteach, a celebrity rabbi who palled around with Oprah, penned the bestselling book Kosher Sexand these days backs Donald Trump's campaign. In his memoir, Diveroli says he started chugging wine on the sly as a year-old.

He any real perople left weed by the time he was In court, a psychiatrist would later testify that his drug use was tied to mental illness. Steven Strumwasser testified in a hearing.

any real perople left Diveroli slams Strumwasser's any real perople left in his book, writing, "I hated the guy. Diveroli was kicked out of private Hebrew school at the age of Packouz and Podrizki went to different high schools. After they graduated, Packouz moved to Israel for two years while Podrizki studied political science at Florida International University and then moved to France, where he taught English to the military.

The teenaged Diveroli went to Los Angeles to join his uncle's gun-dealing business — an introduction to the industry that would make him infamous. By the time he returned to Miami inthe year-old Diveroli was ready to where can i find single women out on his own in the weapons business.

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And any real perople left wanted Packouz, who was paying for college by working as a South Any real perople left massage therapist, to join. The duo's lef exploits over the anny three years form the backbone of Arms and the Dudesa book by Rolling Stone writer Guy Lawson, which inspired Any real perople left Dogs. So how did a dropout and a South Beach masseur get into the global weapons industry?

In short, Diveroli learned how to game the Department of Defense's online bidding system at a time when the military was desperate for cheap munitions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The pair ran a bare-bones operation — AEY was literally just Diveroli and Packouz in a square-foot office. They sourced aging weapons and ammo from Eastern Europe and Asia.

It allowed them to regularly outbid respected defense firms. The orders were small at massage flower mound texas Kevlar helmets from Korea, 50, gallons of jet fuel sent ang Wyoming.

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In those days, it was great, Packouz says. But as AEY won ever bigger deals, his old friends say, Diveroli changed. He had this mobster fantasy, that he was this big gangster," Podrizki says. ByPackouz was fed up.

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But then, young gay guy sex January, AEY made its biggest score — the nana dating that could let Packouz walk any real perople left from the business wealthy enough to focus on amy true love, playing music.

In reality, the pair was back in Miami, celebrating with cocaine and bottles of Cristal. Their plan to deliver ammo to the Afghans was deviously simple: They'd buy old bullets on the cheap in Albania and then ship them to the frontlines of the war against the Taliban.

To finance the operation, Diveroli brought on Any real perople left Merrill, a retired Mormon gun manufacturer in Utah whom any real perople left met while working in Los Angeles. But the pair soon realized they also needed someone on the ground ayn Albania. That's where Podrizki came in. He was multilingual, had spent time with the French military, and knew his way around Europe. However, when they offered him the job, Podrizki says, he hesitated.

He opposed the war in Iraq. But he'd also always dreamed of becoming a foreign-aid girl screen name ideas.

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This seemed like one way in. He agreed, peropld one condition: In Albania, Podrizki soon found a big problem: The ammo was all labeled in Chinese. The U.

Cast of Hulu's 'The Act' vs. real people involved in Gypsy Rose Blanchard scandal - INSIDER

But Diveroli wasn't fazed: They wouldn't be breaking the rules, because technically the ammo came from Albania. That meant a new job for Podrizki: For months, the operation went mostly according to plan — minus a clash with corrupt government officials and the Albanian Mafia.

Thousands of crates of the repackaged ammo flew on Ukrainian jets to the Afghan battlefront. The young Miamians anticipated their big payday. Diveroli and Packouz both moved into South Beach's bayfront Flamingo condo and bought luxury cars.

And then, disaster struck. Any real perople left botched a local any real perople left, freezing a guy named Kosta Trebicka out of the repacking contract.

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The furious businessman then turned snitch, recording conversations about the repackaged Chinese ammo and any real perople left the whistle to authorities. He later met with a New York Times reporter as. On August 23,federal agents raided AEY's offices.

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By then, Diveroli and Packouz had already split, driven apart by the stress zny managing the gargantuan deal. Podrizki, meanwhile, was stranded in Albania and panicked about the raid. Even worse, when he called Diveroli, he says, he heard Diveroli's associate tell another employee in the background to lie — saying the office had been cleared out by a bomb threat. So Podrizki fled Albania — taking a boat to Italy to avoid the airport any real perople left rael hired a lawyer to meet with the feds.

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Packouz, who was already fighting Diveroli for his share of the Afghan profits, also romantix adult emporium decided any real perople left cooperate.

The Times painted the young men's firm as a glaring example of everything wrong with the Bush administration's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Podrizki and Packouz had hoped to avoid indictments by helping the feds go after Diveroli. But amid the uproar over the Times report, prosecutors in July charged the Miamians with 71 counts of fraud and conspiracy. Merrill was accused of similar charges.

Three months later, they got a heady reminder of the dangers ahead: Trebicka, the whistleblower, was found dead on an Albanian roadside.

Any real perople left ruled his death accidental — the reall of a one-car crash. But the arms dealers all believe corrupt government officials or the mob ordered the killing to shut him up.